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I have a Multicron Model 12 that is nearly identical to Jim Clark's Indy 500 watch.  The face, hands and dials are identical, my watch has rectangular push buttons rather than round push buttons.

This watch was given to me by my grandfather on the occasion of my 17th birthday. This was also the same day that I received my pilot's license.  My grandfather was a watch and clock maker in his shop in St.Paul, Indiana.  He operated his business for over 50 years. Before that, he too was a pilot.

I am very fond of my watch. I wear it quite often. I really do use it as a pilot�s watch to time instrument approaches.  The minute timer with the different length marks for the 1,2 and 3 minute indicators and again for the 4, 5 and 6 minute indicators are the best and easiest to read of any time piece I have ever seen. 

Throughout my youth, (I am now 45), I shudder to think of the times I nearly lost my watch. The first time: I was  walking home from work at about aged 19 when I saw the band break and my watch fell to the ground, had I not seen this happen, it would have been lost, the next time was during the inventory of what I had left after a breakup with a girlfriend. I noticed my watch was gone.  I chased after her.  I still lost the girlfriend, but I got my watch back.

My watch is a great timepiece.  It keeps excellent time, it is really useful in the airplane and it reminds me of my grandfather.  It is one of the very few material things in my life that I really deem as valuable.  I would like any information that you could give me about this time piece. I also married a very nice woman who I love with all my heart and she doesn't want my watch.

Thank you


Stephen Lewis
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